Throughout history, there have been many misconceptions about membership in the Masonic fraternity.  Many good and worthy men have remained outside of Freemasonry because of lack of understanding, or misunderstanding of our purpose, our requirements for membership, or how to become a Mason.

Historically, Masons have been prohibited from "recruiting" worthy men from among their family, friends, business associates, fellow congregants, etc.  This prohibition has been relaxed in some jurisdictions, including Pennsylvania.  If you have known a man who is a Mason, and been somewhat put off because he has never invited you to join, please know that he may have wanted to for a very long time.  If you know a man whom you believe to be a Mason, you should ask him about his involvement, and how you can gather more information to decide whether Freemasonry is for you.

We seek good men.  Men of character, good judgment, a reputation of good conduct, and a proper standing in society. This is not to say that only professional or executive men can be Masons. Quite the contrary! Our fraternity traces its roots to the Stone Mason Guilds of medieval times, and even further back by legend.

In Pennsylvania, you must be a man of mature age (18 or older), who wishes to be connected with our fraternity.  You must also affirm your belief in a Supreme Being, and the immortality of the soul.  Freemansonry does NOT dictate a set of religious beliefs to a member , instead charging him to worship as his conscience demands.

A friend or family member who is a Mason can acquire a blank petition for you.  Or you may download one here.  The petition must be filled out in its entirety. Shiloh-MacCalla Lodge requires that you also remit a fee of $350 with your petition. If you know a Mason, he may become one of your recommenders.  If not, men from this Lodge will contact you, and  become your recommenders.  

From that time, there is a process that we follow. It may seem slow to you, but everything has its proper place and time in Freemasonry

If you a good man of worthy character and reputation, we would be honored to consider your petition for membership in our ancient and honorable fraternity.

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